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Printer's No. 2078


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 3, by striking out "and"

2Amend Bill, page 1, line 5, by striking out the period after
3"Bridge" and inserting

4 ; and designating a bridge on that portion of S.R. 49 over the
5Cowanesque River between Dennis Hill Road and Church Street
6in Harrison Township, Potter County, as the Private First
7Class Roger P. Downey Memorial Bridge.

8Amend Bill, page 2, by inserting between lines 24 and 25

9Section 3. Private First Class Roger P. Downey Bridge.

10(a) Findings.--

11(1) Private First Class (PFC) Roger P. Downey was born
12on January 20, 1926 and grew up on a small farm in Ulysses,

14(2) While a teenager, PFC Downey would use the bridge on
15that portion of S.R. 49 over the Cowanesque River to attend
16Harrison Valley High School in Mills, Pennsylvania.

17(3) While this nation was in the midst of World War II,
18PFC Downey left school to join the United States Army on
19April 19, 1944.

20(4) After infantry training in Virginia and other parts
21of the nation, PFC Downey traveled to Massachusetts for
22staging before being transported on the SS Marine Raven to
23England in November 1944.

24(5) In January 1945, PFC Downey and his unit were sent
25to reinforce and relieve units engaged in the famous Battle
26of the Bulge in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium, Luxembourg
27and Germany.

28(6) PFC Downey was killed in action in Germany on March
299, 1945, while assigned to Company B, 417 Infantry Regiment,
3076 Infantry Division, XII Corp, Third Army, Twelfth Army
31Group, European Theater of Operations headquartered in the
32town of Speicher in the Rhineland region of Germany.

33(b) Designation.--The bridge located on S.R. 49 over the
34Cowanesque River between Dennis Hill Road and Church Street in
35Harrison Township, Potter County, is hereby designated the

1Private First Class Roger P. Downey Memorial Bridge.

2(c) Signs.--The Department of Transportation shall erect and
3maintain appropriate signs displaying the name of the bridge to
4traffic in both directions on the bridge.

5Amend Bill, page 2, line 25, by striking out "3" and 

7 4


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