H2110B3342A10290 BIL:NLH 10/08/14 #90 A10290







Printer's No. 3342


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 7, by inserting after "for"

2 definitions, for

3Amend Bill, page 1, lines 14 through 17, by striking out all
4of said lines and inserting

5Section 1. Section 302 of the act of August 26, 1971
6(P.L.351, No.91), known as the State Lottery Law, added November
721, 1996 (P.L.741, No.134), is amended to read:

8Section 302. Definitions.

9The following words and phrases when used in this chapter
10shall have the meanings given to them in this section unless the
11context clearly indicates otherwise:

12"Director." The Director of the Division of the State

14"Division." The Division of the State Lottery created by
15this chapter.

16"Internet instant game." A lottery game in which, by the use 
17of a computer, tablet computer or other mobile device, a player 
18removes the covering from randomly generated numbers or letters 
19which reveal whether the instant ticket is a winning ticket for 
20which money is paid. A player shall not include a retailer.

21"Keno." A lottery game commonly known as keno.

22"Lottery" or "State Lottery." The lottery established and
23operated under this chapter.

24"Secretary." The Secretary of Revenue of the Commonwealth.

25Section 2. Section 303(a)(1), (8) and (11)(iv) of the act,
26amended November 21, 1996 (P.L.741, No.134) and June 30, 2011
27(P.L.110, No.23), are amended and the section is amended by
28adding a subsection to read:

29Amend Bill, page 2, by inserting between lines 5 and 6

30(1) The type of lottery to be conducted, except that the 
31secretary may not authorize the game of keno or an Internet 
32instant game unless specifically authorized by law.

33* * *

34(8) The method to be used in selling tickets or
35shares[.], except that sales through the lottery's Internet

1website or Internet websites operated by licensed lottery 
2retailers of any lottery game or any Internet instant game 
3shall be prohibited unless specifically authorized by law.

4Amend Bill, page 2, by inserting between lines 21 and 22

5(a.1) Prohibitions.--The secretary may not offer any
6Internet-based or monitor-based interactive lottery game or
7simulated casino style lottery game, including video poker,
8video roulette, slot machines or video blackjack, through the
9State Lottery.

10* * *

11Section 3. Section 315 of the act, added June 30, 2011
12(P.L.110, No.23), is amended to read:

13Amend Bill, page 3, line 8, by striking out "2" and inserting

14 4


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