H0618B1917A01861 LKK:CDM 06/04/13 #90 A01861







Printer's No. 1917


1Amend Bill, page 1, line 15, by inserting after "agreements;"

2in charter schools, further providing for transportation;

3Amend Bill, page 44, by inserting between lines 26 and 27

4Section 13.1. Section 1726-A(a) and (a.1) of the act,
5amended July 11, 2006 (P.L.1092, No.114) and July 9, 2008
6(P.L.846, No.61), are amended to read:

7Section 1726-A. Transportation.--(a) Students who attend a
8charter school [located in their school district of residence],
9a regional charter school of which the school district is a part
10[or a charter school] or a cyber charter school learning center 
11located in their school district of residence or located outside
12district boundaries at a distance not exceeding ten (10) miles
13by the nearest public highway shall be provided free
14transportation to the charter school or cyber charter school 
15learning center by their school district of residence on such
16dates and periods that the charter school is in regular session
17whether or not transportation is provided on such dates and
18periods to students attending schools of the district.
19Transportation is not required for elementary students,
20including kindergarten students, residing within one and one-
21half (1.5) miles or for secondary students residing within two
22(2) miles of the nearest public highway from the charter school
23in which the students are enrolled unless the road or traffic
24conditions are such that walking constitutes a hazard to the
25safety of the students when so certified by the Department of
26Transportation, except that if the school district provides
27transportation to the public schools of the school district for
28elementary students, including kindergarten students, residing
29within one and one-half (1.5) miles or for secondary students
30residing within two (2) miles of the nearest public highway
31under nonhazardous conditions, transportation shall also be
32provided to charter schools under the same conditions. Districts
33providing transportation to a charter school outside the
34district and, for the 2007-2008 school year and each school year
35thereafter, districts providing transportation to a charter
36school within the district shall be eligible for payments under
37section 2509.3 for each public school student transported.

1(a.1) (1) The school district of residence shall also 
2provide free transportation as required for students to receive 
3services provided by intermediate units under section 1725-A(4).

4(2) In addition to any other requirements in this section,
5school districts of the first class shall provide transportation
6to students who attend a charter school if they are the same age
7or are enrolled in the same grade, grades or their grade
8equivalents as any of the students of the school district for
9whom transportation is provided under any program or policy to
10the schools of the school district.

11* * *


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