H0290B0576A00134 KMF:JSL 02/06/13 #90 A00134







Printer's No. 576


1Amend Bill, page 5, lines 19 through 30, by striking out all
2of said lines and inserting

3Section 4. Section 302 of the act, amended February 2, 2012
4(P.L.7, No.2), is amended to read:

5Section 302. Prize limits.

6(a) Individual prize limit.--Except as provided under 
7subsections (d) and (d.1), the maximum prize which may be
8awarded for any single chance shall be $1,000.

9(b) Aggregate prize limit.--No more than [$25,000] $35,000
10in prizes shall be awarded from games of chance by a licensed
11eligible organization in any seven-day period.

12(c) Raffle prize limit.--Up to $10,000 in prizes may be
13awarded in raffles in any calendar month.

14(c.1) Total limit.--All prizes awarded under this section
15shall be subject to the aggregate prize limits under subsection

17(d) Exception for raffles.--Notwithstanding subsection (b) 
18or (c), a licensed eligible organization may conduct a raffle
19and award a prize or prizes valued in excess of $1,000 each only
20under the following conditions:

21(1) The licensing authority has issued a special permit
22for the raffle under section 308.

23(2) A licensed eligible organization shall be eligible
24to receive no more than eight special permits in any licensed
25term except that a volunteer fire, ambulance or rescue
26organization that is not a club licensee shall be eligible to
27receive ten special permits in any licensed term.

28(3) Only one raffle may be conducted under each special
29permit issued under section 308.

30(4) Except as provided under subsection (d.1), the total
31of all prizes awarded under this subsection shall be no more
32than $100,000 per calendar year.

33(d.1) Additional award.--A volunteer fire, ambulance or 
34rescue organization may, in addition to the total under 
35subsection (d)(4), award up to $50,000 from raffles which shall 
36not be subject to the aggregate limit under subsection (b), (c) 
37or (d).

38(e.1) Texas Hold'em requirements.--A licensed eligible

1organization shall charge an entry fee of not more than $10 per
2person to play in a Texas Hold'em tournament. The licensed
3eligible organization shall pay out prizes to no more than the
4top five winning persons in a declining manner based on the
5player's final placement in the tournament. The prize pool shall
6consist solely of entry fees collected.

7(f) Daily drawing carryover.--The prize limitation contained
8in subsections (a) and (b) may be exceeded by a daily drawing
9under the following circumstances: a daily drawing may award a
10prize in excess of $1,000 if such prize is the result of a
11carryover of a drawing which resulted from the winning number in
12such drawing not being among the eligible entrants in such
13drawings. Nothing contained herein shall authorize the prize
14limitation as contained in subsections (a) and (b) to be
15exceeded as a result of a failure to conduct a drawing on an
16operating day during which chances were sold for a daily drawing
17or for a daily drawing for which chances were sold in excess of
18$1 or for which more than one chance was sold to an eligible

20(g) Additional exception.--When a daily drawing or weekly
21drawing is set up or conducted in such a manner as to pay out or
22award 100% of the gross revenues generated from such drawing,
23the limitation contained in subsection (b) shall not apply.

24(h) Weekly drawing carryover exception.--Weekly drawings
25shall be governed by the prize limitation contained in
26subsection (b). The prize limitation contained in subsection (b)
27may be exceeded by a weekly drawing under the following
28circumstances: a weekly drawing may award a prize where the cash
29value is in excess of [$25,000] $35,000 if such prize is the
30result of a carryover of a drawing or drawings which resulted
31from the winning number or numbers in such drawing or drawings
32not being among the eligible entrants in such drawings. Nothing
33contained in this chapter shall authorize the prize limitation 
34under subsection (b) to be exceeded as a result of a failure to
35conduct a drawing for a week during which chances were sold for
36a weekly drawing or for a weekly drawing for which chances were
37sold in excess of $1.


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