H1590B1971A02069       BIL:CDM 06/24/07    #90             A02069
            AMENDMENTS TO HOUSE BILL NO. 1590 (As amended by A02073)
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE SCHRODER
                                           Printer's No. 1971

     1       Amend Sec. 1 (Sec. 8602), page 2, line 5 (A02073), by
     2    striking out "A" and inserting
     3               Subject to subsection (c) and section 8603 (relating
     4               to binding referendum), a

     5       Amend Sec. 1, page 2, by inserting between lines 51 and 52
     6    (A02073)
     7       (c)  Resolution required.--The taxing authority may seek
     8    authority to impose a tax under subsection (a) by adopting a
     9    resolution to place a referendum on the ballot pursuant to
    10    section 8603 (relating to binding referendum). The taxing
    11    authority shall transmit a copy of the resolution to the
    12    appropriate election officials.
    13    § 8603.  Binding referendum.
    14       (a)  Referendum to be held.--A taxing authority may impose a 
    15    tax under subsection (a) only by obtaining the approval of the
    16    electorate of the affected municipality in a public referendum
    17    at the general or municipal election preceding the fiscal year
    18    when the tax will be imposed. The election officials shall cause
    19    a question to be placed on the ballot at the first general or
    20    municipal election occurring at least 90 days after their
    21    receipt of the resolution required in section 8602(c) (relating
    22    to local financial support).
    23       (b)  Contents of question.--The referendum question must
    24    state the rate of the tax under section 8602(a) and the proposed
    25    use of the additional revenue generated by the tax. The question
    26    shall be in clear language that is readily understandable by a
    27    layperson.
    28       (c)  Vote.--If a majority of the electors voting on the
    29    question vote "yes," then the taxing authority shall be
    30    authorized to impose the tax. If a majority of the electors
    31    voting on the question vote "no," the taxing authority shall
    32    have no authority to impose the tax.
    33       (d)  Voting proceedings.--Proceedings under this section
    34    shall be in accordance with the provisions of the act of June 3,
    35    1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the Pennsylvania Election
    36    Code.