H1590B1971A01950       BIL:DHB 06/22/07    #90             A01950
                       AMENDMENTS TO HOUSE BILL NO. 1590
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE PETRI
                                           Printer's No. 1971

     1       Amend Bill, page 2, lines 1 and 2, by striking out all of
     2    said lines and inserting
     3       Section 1.1.  Title 74 is amended by adding a section to
     4    read:
     5    § 1102.  Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Intermodal Transit
     6               Authority Study Commission.
     7       (a)  Commission.--The Southeast Pennsylvania Regional
     8    Intermodal Transit Authority Study Commission is hereby
     9    established. The commission shall be appointed as follows:
    10           (1)  In a county of the first class, one member by the
    11       mayor of the city of the first class duly elected in the 2007
    12       general election and one member by city council.
    13           (2)  In other counties by the county commissioners with
    14       two members from each county.
    15       (b)  Purpose.--
    16           (1)  The purpose of the commission shall be to study the
    17       possibility and feasibility of replacing the current transit
    18       entities in southeast Pennsylvania with a regional system to
    19       make recommendations for dedicated funds from locally derived
    20       sources and to meet with the following organizations to
    21       coordinate planning for future expansion and use of transit
    22       systems and make recommendations for coordinating the
    23       activities of the following transportation systems:
    24               (i)  Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation
    25           Authority.
    26               (ii)  Philadelphia Parking Authority.
    27               (iii)  Delaware River Port Authority.
    28               (iv)  Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.
    29           (2)  Among the sources the commission may consider are a
    30       levy to be imposed on parking facilities, including airport
    31       parking facilities, naming rights, advertising, bridge
    32       tolling, privatization of road systems, direct revenue
    33       sources derived from tolling of specific lanes or structures
    34       or surcharges for use of certain lanes by motorists at
    35       specified times during the day.
    36           (3)  Each commission is precluded from identifying any
    37       other local revenue derived from the imposition of a realty
    38       transfer tax, earned income tax or regional sales tax upon
    39       the residents or businesses located within the geographical
    40       boundaries of the district without public recommendation from
    41       a majority of the members of the commission for any other
    42       locally derived revenue which would require legislative

     1       enactment by the General Assembly.
     2       (c)  Staff and consultants.--
     3           (1)  The commission may employ professional, technical
     4       and clerical staff and engage the services of consultants as
     5       it deems necessary to carry out its responsibilities under
     6       this section. The Department of Transportation shall provide
     7       necessary office space and administrative support for the
     8       commission.
     9           (2)  Whenever possible, the commission shall utilize the
    10       services and expertise of existing personnel and staff of
    11       State government, and to this end the Governor is hereby
    12       directed to make personnel and staff available to the
    13       commission to the fullest extent commensurate with the
    14       performance of their other duties.
    15           (3)  The commission shall reimburse State agencies,
    16       including the Department of Transportation, for any expense
    17       incurred in providing to the commission the services as
    18       required by this section.
    19       (d)  Meetings.--
    20           (1)  The commission shall hold an organization meeting as
    21       soon as possible after the appointment of all its members.
    22       Thereafter, the commission shall hold meetings at the call of
    23       the chairman or of a majority of the members serving on the
    24       commission.
    25           (2)  The commission shall also hold public hearings on
    26       the matters to be considered by it at locations throughout
    27       southeast Pennsylvania, including specifically those areas
    28       most likely to be served by any system that may replace the
    29       existing transit entities in southeast Pennsylvania. All
    30       meetings and public hearings of the commission shall be
    31       deemed meetings for the purposes of and subject to 65 Pa.C.S.
    32       Ch. 7 (relating to open meetings).
    33       (e)  Reports.--The commission shall make a report of its
    34    activities and recommendations to the General Assembly and the
    35    Governor on March 31, 2008.
    36       (f)  Funding.--In addition to the moneys appropriated and
    37    other moneys as may be appropriated from time to time by the
    38    General Assembly for its work, the commission is authorized to
    39    make application for and expend such Federal grants as may be
    40    available and may also receive and expend contributions from
    41    other public, quasi-public or private sources as may become
    42    available.
    43       (g)  Definitions.--As used in this section the following
    44    words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this
    45    subsection:
    46       "Commission."  The Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Intermodal
    47    Transit Authority (SPRITA) Study Commission established in
    48    subsection (a).
    49       "Southeast Pennsylvania."  The region of this Commonwealth
    50    consisting of the following counties:  Bucks, Chester, Delaware,
    51    Northampton, Lehigh, Berks, Philadelphia and Montgomery.
    52       Section 1.2.  Chapter 13 of Title 74 is repealed:

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