H1590B1971A01928       AJM:DM  06/21/07    #90             A01928
                       AMENDMENTS TO HOUSE BILL NO. 1590
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE THOMAS
                                           Printer's No. 1971

     1       Amend Title, page 1, line 3, by inserting after "for"
     2               minority and women-owned business participation, for

     3       Amend Bill, page 2, lines 1 and 2, by striking out all of
     4    said lines and inserting
     5       Section 1.1.  Title 74 is amended by adding a section to
     6    read:
     7    § 303.  Minority and women-owned business participation.
     8       In administering the provisions of this title, the department
     9    and any local transportation organization shall:
    10           (1)  Be responsible for ensuring that all competitive
    11       contract opportunities issued by the department or local
    12       transportation organization seek to maximize participation by
    13       minority and women-owned businesses and other disadvantaged
    14       businesses.
    15           (2)  Give consideration, when possible and cost
    16       effective, to contractors offering to utilize minority and
    17       women-owned businesses and disadvantaged businesses in the
    18       selection and award of contracts.
    19           (3)  Ensure that the department's and local
    20       transportation organizations's commitment to the minority and
    21       women-owned business program is clearly understood and
    22       appropriately implemented and enforced by all department and
    23       local transportation organization employees.
    24           (4)  Designate a responsible official to supervise the
    25       department and local transportation organization minority and
    26       women-owned business program and ensure compliance within the
    27       department or local transportation organization.
    28           (5)  Furnish the Department of General Services, upon
    29       request, all requested information or assistance.
    30           (6)  Recommend sanctions to the Secretary of General
    31       Services, as may be appropriate, against businesses that fail
    32       to comply with the policies of the Commonwealth minority and
    33       women-owned business program.
    34       (b)  Definitions.--As used in this section, the following
    35    words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this
    36    subsection:
    37       "Disadvantaged business."  A business that is owned or
    38    controlled by a majority of persons, not limited to members of
    39    minority groups, who are subject to racial or ethnic prejudice
    40    or cultural bias.

     1       "Local transportation organization."  Any of the following:
     2           (1)  A political subdivision or a public transportation
     3       port or redevelopment authority organized under the laws of
     4       this Commonwealth or pursuant to an interstate compact or
     5       otherwise empowered to render, contract for the rendering or
     6       assist in the rendering of transportation service in a
     7       limited area in this Commonwealth, even though it may also
     8       render or assist in rendering transportation service in
     9       adjacent states.
    10           (2)  A nonprofit association that directly or indirectly
    11       provides public transportation service.
    12           (3)  A nonprofit association of public transportation
    13       providers operating within this Commonwealth.
    14       "Minority-owned business."  A business owned and controlled
    15    by a majority of persons who are African Americans, Hispanic
    16    Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Alaskans and
    17    Pacific Islanders.
    18       "Women-owned business."  A business owned and controlled by a
    19    majority of persons who are women.
    20       Sectin 1.2.  Chapter 13 of Title 74 is repealed:

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