H0848B1444A00607       RLE:JMM 05/01/07    #90             A00607
                        AMENDMENTS TO HOUSE BILL NO. 848
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE GODSHALL
                                           Printer's No. 1444

     1       Amend Title, page 1, line 6, by removing the period after
     2    "buildings" and inserting
     3               ; providing for State reimbursement for mobile
     4               classroom facilities; and making editorial changes.

     5       Amend Bill, page 3, by inserting between lines 3 and 4
     6       Section 2.  Section 2574(a) of the act, amended September 29,
     7    1959 (P.L.992, No.407), is amended to read:
     8       Section 2574.  Approved Reimbursable Rental for Leases
     9    Hereafter Approved and Approved Reimbursable Sinking Fund
    10    Charges on Indebtedness.--(a)  For school building projects for
    11    which the general construction contract is awarded subsequent to
    12    March 22, 1956, and for approved school building projects for
    13    which the general construction contract was awarded but for
    14    which a lease was not approved by the Department of [Public
    15    Instruction] Education prior to March 22, 1956, the Department
    16    of [Public Instruction] Education shall calculate an approved
    17    reimbursable rental or approved reimbursable sinking fund
    18    charges. Reimbursable sinking fund charges may include charges
    19    for temporary indebtedness within constitutional limitations, if
    20    the indebtedness is incurred for approved [permanent]
    21    improvements to the school plant including the cost of acquiring
    22    a suitable site for a school building, the cost of constructing
    23    a new school building, or the cost of providing needed additions
    24    or alterations to existing buildings for which no bond issue is
    25    provided and for which an approved obligation or obligations
    26    other than bonds have been issued and the obligation or
    27    obligations are payable within five (5) years from the date of
    28    issue of the obligation in equal annual installments. As used in
    29    this section, "building" shall include a permanent structure
    30    that contains or is attached to relocatable or modular
    31    classrooms. The term "relocatable or modular classroom" shall
    32    mean a classroom not of a permanent nature which meets the
    33    criteria and specifications of the Department of Education.
    34       Approved reimbursable rental or sinking fund charge shall
    35    consist of that part of the annual rental or sinking fund charge
    36    attributable to--
    37       (1)  The cost of acquiring the land upon which the school
    38    buildings are situate, the cost of necessary rough grading to
    39    permit proper placement of the building upon said land and the
    40    cost of sewage treatment plants, as required by the Department

     1    of Health, to the extent that such costs are deemed reasonable
     2    by the Department of [Public Instruction] Education and the
     3    interest on such costs of acquisition, grading and sewage
     4    treatment plants earned subsequent to date the construction
     5    contract is awarded, and
     6       (2)  The approved building construction cost and the interest
     7    on such construction cost.
     8       * * *

     9       Amend Sec. 2, page 3, line 4, by striking out "2" and
    10    inserting
    11               3

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