H0647B1528A01456       MSP:DM  06/12/07    #90             A01456
                        AMENDMENTS TO HOUSE BILL NO. 647
                                    Sponsor:  REPRESENTATIVE MAHER
                                           Printer's No. 1528

     1       Amend Sec. 102, page 2, lines 29 and 30; page 3, lines 1
     2    through 9, by striking out all of said lines on said pages and
     3    inserting
     4       "Certification."  Certification from the National Commission
     5    for the Certification of Crane Operators or another organization
     6    found by the State Board of Crane Operators to offer an
     7    equivalent testing and certification program meeting the
     8    applicable requirements of the American Society of Mechanical
     9    Engineers ASME B30.5 as relating to mobile cranes, ASME B30.3 or
    10    the requirements of ASME B30.4 as relating to tower cranes, and
    11    the accreditation requirements of the National Commission for
    12    Certifying Agencies or the American National Standards
    13    Institute.

    14       Amend Sec. 102, page 3, lines 14 through 23, by striking out
    15    all of said lines and inserting
    16       "Crane."  A power-operated hoisting machine that has a power-
    17    operated winch, load line and boom moving laterally by the
    18    rotation of the machine on a carrier or base which has a
    19    manufacturer's rated maximum lifting capacity of 15 tons or more
    20    as specified in ASME B30.5, and includes a derrick, crawler
    21    crane and wheel-mounted crane of both truck and self-propelled
    22    wheel type. The term includes a tower crane, which has a
    23    manufacturer's rated maximum lifting capacity of ten meter tons
    24    or more, as specified in ASME B30.3 and ASME B30.4. The term
    25    does not include a forklift, digger derrick truck, aircraft,
    26    bucket truck, vehicle or machine not having a power-operated
    27    winch, tow truck or wrecking crane when used for towing or
    28    vehicle recovery, locomotive crane, load line or crane used in
    29    longshore or other intermodal operations, or a crane used in
    30    manufacturing applications.

    31       Amend Sec. 504, page 12, line 2, by inserting after "board"
    32               in consultation with the commissioner