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12/06/2023 12:38 PM
Pennsylvania General Assembly

Chronological History

Chronological Table Of Statutes
Affected by Act 6 of 1991

Provision Affected How Affected By Law, Decision or Rule
P.L.581, No.274    
Art. 17 Sec. 5 (a) Repealed except as to loans or notes issued by a city pursuant to section 5(a) which remain outstanding on the effective date of Act 1991-6 Jun. 5, P.L.9, No.6
P.L.246, No.47    
Act Suspended as to first class cities until termination of Pa. Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority Jun. 5, P.L.9, No.6
Sec. 261 Subch. D Repealed as to first class cities Jun. 5, P.L.9, No.6