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Pennsylvania House of Representatives




Session Position District Party
1897-1898 Republican
1899-1900 Republican
 Counties   Philadelphia


12/17/1868 - 07/24/1948

WOODRUFF, Clinton Rogers, a Representative from Philadelphia County; born, December 17, 1868 in the city of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa.; graduated, Central High School; Ph.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1889; LL.B., University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1892; lawyer; secretary, Union Committee; counsel, American Institute of Christian Sociology; secretary and treasurer, Municipal League of Philadelphia (1892-1897); counsel, Municipal League of Philadelphia (1897-1903), elected as a Republican by special election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, February, 16, 1897 to serve the remaining 1897 term; reelected to the House for the 1899 term; not a candidate for reelection to the House for the 1901 term; special inspector, Indian Department, United States Department of the Interior (1904-1904), president, Philadelphia Registration Commission and Election Reform (1906-1920); trustee and director, Free Library of Pennsylvania; assistant city solicitor, Philadelphia (1920-1924); director of welfare, Philadelphia (1931-1936); vice president, Pennsylvania Teaching Home for the Blind; died, January 24, 1948 in the city of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; interred, Saint James the Less Episcopal Churchyard, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.


Archival Collections

Various publications and collections from the Van Pelt Library of the University of Pennsylvania including Henry Charles Lea Papers, ca. 1830-1935 and the Theodore Dreiser Papers, ca. 1890-1965.



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