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09/17/2021 02:28 AM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Joseph Vance


Session Position District Party
1805-1806 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
1807-1808 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
 Counties   Washington


1750 - 1832

Joseph Vance came to Smith township from Winchester, Va., in 1774, eventually settling at “Catfish” (Washington, PA).  His parents are apparently William and Mary Colville Vance of Opequon Creek, (Winchester) Virginia.  During the Indian wars of the 1780s and 1790s, he participated in various expeditions and built the stockade fort known for many years as Vance's Fort.  He was a prominent Presbyterian at Cross Creek church; a member of the state House of Representatives, 1802-1803; the state Senate, 1804-1808, and lived to eighty-two years of age, passing on March 6, 1832; interred at Cross Creek cemetery.  His son, Joseph Jr. was the Thirteenth governor of Ohio.  His wife’s name was Anne.