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07/23/2019 06:23 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Moses Shields



Session Year Position District Party
1909 23 Republican
1911 23 Republican
 Counties   Bradford, Susquehanna, Wyoming


1853 -

Shields, Moses, atone dealer, business president, was born April 24, 1853, in Wales, the son of Moses Shields, Sr. He attended the parochial schools in Wales and Tallmadge academy of Tall- madge, Ohio. Since 1874 he has been a stone dealer of Nicholson, Pa.; and is president and treasurer of the Moses Shields stone company. He is vice-president of the Lackawanna company; a director of the Shifler novelty works; and a director of the Nicholson light, heat and power company. In 1905-06 and 1907 he represented Wyoming county in the Pennsylvania legislature; and served as a member of the state capitol investigation commission. 1n 1908 he was elected a member of the state senate for a term of four years. Of Nicholson, Wyoming County.
Member of the Pennsylvania Society of New York; owner of the Nicholson Record.