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07/21/2019 05:06 AM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Henry Petrikin


Session Year Position District Party
1825 13 Jackson Democrat
1827 13 Jackson Democrat
1831 13 Jackson Democrat
1833 13 Jackson Democrat
 Counties   Centre, Clearfield, Lycoming, McKean, Potter


1798 - 1849

Senator Henry Petrikin of Centre County was born in Bellefonte, 1798, the son of William and Elizabeth Petrikin.  He pursued the printing and newspaper business and for many years was editor of the Bellefonte Patriot.  He was a member of the state Senate, 1826-27, and 1831-35; the state House, 1828-1830; was Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth from 1839-42, and from 1845-48.  At the close of his life he was superintendent of the railroad around the Inclined Plane.  He died at the "Merchants Hotel" in Philadelphia, November 8, 1849 and was buried at Harrisburg according to request.