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01/31/2023 04:16 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Frank A Pecora



Session Office Position District Party
1979 44 Republican
1980 44 Republican
1981 44 Republican
1982 44 Republican
1983 44 Republican
1984 44 Republican
1985 44 Republican
1986 44 Republican
1987 44 Republican
1988 44 Republican
1989 44 Republican
1990 44 Republican
1991 44 Republican
1992 44 Republican
1993 44 Democrat
1994 44 Democrat
 Counties   Allegheny, Berks, Chester, Lehigh, Montgomery, Westmoreland


1930 -

Born August 8, 1930, Pittsburgh; the son of Frank L. and Elizabeth (Cristillo) Pecora.
Fist elected to the Senate in 1978. In 1991, the Republican-controlled legislature passed a reapportionment plan that moved Pecora's district several hundred miles across the state, from Allegheny County to Chester County. Determined to continue in the Senate, Pecora followed his district and rented an apartment in Chester County, and continued serving his new constituents.
By late 1992, Republicans held a 26-24 majority in the chamber. Pecora, decided to switch parties and vote with the Democrats. This decision changed the Senate's partisan makeup to an even 25-25, allowing Democratic Lieutenant Governor Mark Singel to cast the tie-breaking vote that allowed Democrats to gain control of the chamber. Pecora announced prior to the 1994 elections that he would not seek re-election in his new district. His former seat was won by Republican State Representative Jim Gerlach (who was later elected to Congress), helping Republicans regain control of the Senate.