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07/24/2019 02:49 AM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Ezra Blythe


Session Year Position District Party
1829 14 Democrat
1831 14 Democrat
 Counties   Adams, York


1780 - 1844

The son of Revolutionary War veteran David and Elizabeth (Finley) Blythe of Hamiltonban Township, York (Adams) County, Ezra Blythe was born on November 24, 1780.  Received little (if any) formal education, served as postmaster of Fairfield, 1817; merchant in Hamiltonban, 1824; was elected to state House of Representatives, 1824-1825; the state Senate, 1829-1833, and married Sarah Amanda McKesson of Hamiltonban, January 5, 1830.  He died in Fairfield, August 25, 1844, interred at Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church, Adams County, Pennsylvania.
A Few Blythe Families, Genealogical Collection, PSL