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12/06/2021 10:53 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Samuel G Turner



Session Office Position District Party
1869 12 Democrat
 Counties   Luzerne



Samuel G. Turner was a man of much energy, and pursuing the occupation of merchant and coal dealer, gathered up a very handsome estate. He might be classed, at his decease, among the men of wealth of the county, at a time too when men were measured by a more liberal standard than in the days of his father. He represented the county in both branches of the State Legislature, and with much credit and ability. He was the father of the mine ventilating bill, and is deserving of much praise for his active exertions in preparing and passing this law. He possessed more than an ordinary degree of intelligence, and his judgment in real estate was very superior. He removed to Wilkes-Barre some six years since, and remained there till his death, which occurred in the early part of January, 1873. Samuel G. Turner may be ranked among the most successful men, in a business way, of the town or of the county. He died in the prime of life, and at a period when his prospects of a successful future were very brilliant.