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11/27/2021 01:13 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Joseph McClellan


Session Office Position District Party
1797-1798 N/A Federalist
1799-1800 N/A Federalist
 Counties   Bucks, Chester, Montgomery


1746 - 1834

Col. Joseph McClellan was the son of James and Martha McClellan, born April 28, 1747, Middletown, Chester (Delaware) County.  At age 13 his father moved to Sadsbury, Chester County.  Appointed lieutenant  of a musket company, July 15, 1776; company captain in Samuel Atlee’s battalion; transferred to 9th Regiment, Pennsylvania Line, in which he served through March 22, 1871; transferred to 2nd Regmt under Col Walter Stewart; served in the Continental Army as a Captain in the Revolution under Lafayette. After the war, he was elected county commissioner, 1784, Chester County; married Keziah Parke, 1786; pursued farming in West Chester; elected lieutenant of Chester County, carrying the brevet rank of Col.; elected sheriff of the county, 1792; commanded a chester County company under President Washington during the Whiskey Rebellion, 1794; elected to the state Senate for one term, 1797-1801; first president of the Bank of Chester, 1814; retired to a farm in Brandywine; appointed chair of a committee to receive Gen. Lafayette, 1824-1825; Died October 14, 1834, Chester County, age 88. Married 1786, Kezia Parke.