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Pennsylvania State Senate

David Martin



Session Position District Party
1899-1900 8 Republican
1901-1902 8 Republican
1917-1918 5 Republican
1919-1920 5 Republican
 Counties   Philadelphia


1845 - 1920

Late Collector of Internal Revenues, was born on August 20, 1845, on the old Ridgway Farm, at Nicetown and Harrowgate Lanes, in the Twenty-fifth Ward. His father, George Martin, who was the tenant of the farm, was of Scotch-Irish stock, as was also his mother. Mr. Martin knew only hard work during the early years of his life, which applies to the political as well as the industrial side of his career. He removed to the Nineteenth Ward, in 1863, and in June, 1866, two months before he was of age, he was elected a member of the Republican Ward Committee. This was the real beginning of his political career, and ever since his influence has been felt not only in his own Ward, but as well in the polities of the Thirty-first Ward. He has been a member of the Nineteenth Ward Republican Committee ever since and continuously; also a member of the Republican City Committee for sixteen years, and of the Republican State Committee thirteen years. He was a delegate to the National Convention which nominated President Harrison. His official career was as follows: Appointed Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives at Harrisburg in 1873; appointed the following year by Mayor Stokley, Lieutenant of the Delaware River Harbor Police; resigned in 1875, and was elected County Commissioner by a majority of 14,000; re-elected for three years in 1878 by 21,000 majority; re-appointed Sergeant at Arms in 1881-82; appointed a Mercantile Appraiser for three years in 1883; re-appointed in 1886, and held that office when, on May 24, 1889, President Harrison appointed him Collector of Internal Revenue. His resignation from this office was placed before President Harrison on May 8, 1891, Mr. Martin having decided to engage in other business. Leader of the 1900 Philadelphia Republican (Ant-Penrose) Insurgents. Died May 31, 1920, 75 years old.