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Pennsylvania State Senate

Abner Lacock



Session Position District Party
1807-1808 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
1809-1810 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
 Counties   Allegheny, Beaver, Butler


1770 - 1837

Senator Lacock, the Jeffersonian leader of Western Pennsylvania, was born on Cub Run in western Fairfax County, Va., near the Loudoun County line on July 9, 1770, the son of Joseph Lacock, who moved to the area from New Jersey about 1869.  The family moved to Washington (later Beaver) County, Pa. by 1783, Abner emerging as a justice of the peace in 1796; innkeeper; member of the state House of Representatives, 1801-1803 and 1804-1808; an associate judge of the Beaver County Court, 1803-1804; member of the Pennsylvania Militia and served as brigadier general in 1807; member, State senate 1808-1810; elected as a Democratic Republican to the US Housel, 1811through 1813; was reelected to Congress but resigned before commencement, having been elected Senator, in which he served, 1813-1819;  In 1819, Lacock was a committeeman investigating President Jackson’s part in the Seminole War; Jackson roundly accused by Senator Lacock and others for going far beyond his constitutional right in waging war.  Jackson became so incensed, that he presumably noted: “he would, the first opportunity he had, cut Lacock’s ears off.”  One historian notes that the Senator “tarried” in Washington (his term was over) to allow President Jackson any opportunity to challenge him to a fight – he continues, that to his great fortune, Lacock was “permitted to start for home with his ears of natural size.”  Lacock was appointed a State commissioner to survey routes for canals and railways in Pennsylvania in 1825; was a member of the state House of Representatives, 1832-1835; appointed to survey and construct the Pennsylvania & Ohio Canal in 1836; died near Freedom, Pa., April 12, 1837; interment in Lacock Cemetery, Rochester, Pa.  He married Hanna Eddy.
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