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07/16/2019 09:04 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Samuel King


Session Year Position District Party
1799 1 Federalist
1801 1 Federalist
 Counties   Fayette, Greene, Westmoreland


1770 - 1803

Born in Carlisle, Cumberland County about 1760, Samuel King was a merchant in the town; moved to Uniontown, Fayette County; married first, Polly Coulter 1791, and second, Anne Marshall, about 1796.  He served as Deputy Recorder of Fayette County in 1794; was appointed Postmaster of Uniontown, 1795; elected to the state Senate, serving 1798-1802.  He died on August 5, 1803 in Fayette County.  His son was prominent Monongahela City physician Dr. Samuel M. King, whose daughter Maria married judge and state Senator Thomas Harlan Baird.