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09/24/2021 12:37 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Edward Warner Heston


Session Position District Party
1803-1804 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
1805-1806 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
1807-1808 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
1809-1810 N/A Jeffersonian Republican
 Counties   Delaware, Philadelphia


1745 - 1824

Edward W. Heston, son of Jacob and brother to Thomas, held a lieutenant-colonel's commission as a Revolutionary War patriot. Edward W. Heston was in the Pennsylvania Legislature, and for eight years was a State Senator. He was a Judge in the Court of Common Pleas and the father of 14 children.  Interred at Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia.
He founded the village of Hestonville, now included within the corporate limits of Philadelphia. One of the villages that grew along the Lancaster Pike, Hestonville, had a original town plot of comprised approximately 100 acres near 52nd Street.
The Heston Mansion, located near the current Heston School, in which he lived for sixty years, was situated in the vicinity of George's Hill, Fairmount Park. The old Heston mansion was built in 1800 and was purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1872; it was demolished in 1901 to make way for railroad tracks.
One of Edward Heston's daughters was Mrs. Louisa Paxon, and the present-day Paxon Street (a small street in West Parkside and other sections of West Philadelphia) bears her name.