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07/16/2019 12:15 AM
Pennsylvania State Senate

David Fullerton


Session Year Position District Party
1827 15 Anti-Mason
1829 15 Anti-Mason
1831 15 Anti-Mason
1833 15 Anti-Mason
1835 15 Anti-Mason
1837 15 Anti-Mason
1839 14 Anti-Mason
 Counties   Adams, Cumberland, Franklin


1772 - 1843

David Fullerton was the son of Humphrey and Martha (Mitchell) Fullerton, born in the Cumberland Valley, near Greencastle, Franklin County, Pa., October 4, 1772 (his mother was the sister of state Senator David Mitchell).  He attended subscription school; served as major in the War of 1812; settled in Greencastle and engaged in mercantile pursuits and banking; elected as a Republican (or Democratic-Republican) to the Sixteenth Congress and served 1819-1820, when he resigned.  He resumed mercantile pursuits and banking; was elected as an Antimason to the state Senate, 1827-1839; and died in Greencastle, Pa. on February 1, 1843; interred in Cedar Hill Cemetery.
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