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07/21/2019 08:42 AM
Pennsylvania State Senate

Matthias Gress


Session Year Position District Party
1807 N/A Federalist
1809 N/A Federalist
1811 N/A Federalist
 Counties   Northampton, Wayne


1760 - 1838

Born about 1760, parents and wife unknown, Northampton County. Matthias was a Revolutionary War veteran, referred to as “General” Gress in the local press; drafted by the Northampton Constitutionalist caucus as candidate for state Senate, first week of September 1807, in Allentown, and filled term 1807-1811. He served as Northampton County’s Brigade Inspector, July 1814, in the War of 1812; was a Bank Commissioner in 1814; and died January 24, 1838, Easton, Northampton County.