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Pennsylvania State Senate

Owen Redington Washburn

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Rodearmel, Senate of Pennsylvania, 1901.



Session Position District Party
1899-1900 50 Democrat
1901-1902 50 Democrat
 Counties   Crawford


1866 - 1960

Born in Vernon, Windham, Vermont, August 22, 1866, the son of Artemas and S.W.B. Washburn, Owen attended common schools near Vernon; studied at Deerfield Academy, Massachusetts; St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York; to Crawford County, Pennsylvania in 1890, where he graduated from Meadville Theological School, 1891.  He served a summer pastorate as a Universalist minister in Hartland, VT, 1892; at Stoughton, Wisconsin, where he was ordained, 1892-95; minister at Sharpsville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 1895-96; Linesville, Crawford County, 1896-98; and was elected to the Senate of Pennsylvania in November 1898. 
His political life appeared brief but active.  He arrived in Meadville as a member of the Populist (Grangers) Party.  As the Party died in 1892, he ran on the 1898 People’s (Reform) Party Ticket, was endorsed by the Prohibition Party, and a nominee of the Democratic Party.  In 1901, he aligned with Matt Quay and the Republican Caucus in the Senate, serving as Chairman of the Agriculture Committee.  The Senator and his family remained in Crawford County through 1822, his occupation indicated as editor, writer, and journalist.  In December 1922, he moved his ministry to the Universalist Church in Marlborough, New Hampshire; and from 1927 to 1936, installed as the minister at Orford and Orfordville, New Hampshire.  His last charge was the Congregational Church at Guilford Vermont, beginning in 1936. 
Washburn was a prolific scholar and author, publishing: Poems: Out of a Young Man’s Life, 1897; Pilate’s Garden, 1933; Discovered Country, 1938; Who Are These? Writings from Psychic Sources, 1941;  and Eternal Youth, 1946.  He married Mae Louise Doane of Brookfield, Massachusetts in 1891; marrying second, Costella Gale.  Senator Washburn died in Guilford Vermont, April 22, 1960.