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06/15/2021 12:47 PM
Pennsylvania State Senate

George Augustus Vare



Session Position District Party
1897-1898 1 Republican
1899-1900 1 Republican
1901-1902 1 Republican
1903-1904 1 Republican
1905-1906 1 Republican
1907-1908 1 Republican
 Counties   Philadelphia


1859 - 1908

Older brother of Edwin H. and William S. Vare, born in Southwark, Philadelphia, February 7, 1859, the son of Augustus and Abigail Vare; attended public schools; and pursued government contracts for “Vare Brothers,” chiefly procured through the family’s contacts at Philadelphia City Hall.  He was a member of the Republican Ward Committee for years and a member of the ward’s Union Republican Club.  George secured a seat in the state House of Representatives, 1891, 1893, and 1895; was a delegate to the city and ward conventions; elected to the state Senate in 1896,  defeating (at the time) incumbent senate seniority leader and Quay lieutenant George Handy Smith.  He died in office on February 28, 1908.