Act of Jun. 13, 1907, P.L. 560, No. 373              Cl. 38
                                  AN ACT

     Designating the official flag of the Commonwealth of
        Pennsylvania, and describing the same; providing for the
        carrying of such flag by the regiments of the National Guard
        of Pennsylvania; authorizing the Secretary of the
        Commonwealth to provide, and have deposited in the office of
        Secretary of the Commonwealth, a model of said flag, and
        making an appropriation therefor.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the flag to be known as
     the official flag of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall be
     of blue, same color as the blue field in the flag of the United
     States, and of the following dimensions and design; to wit, The
     length, or heighth, of the staff to be nine feet, including
     brass spear-head and ferrule; the fly of the said flag to be six
     feet two inches, and to be four feet six inches on the staff; in
     the center of the flag there shall be embroidered in silk the
     same on both sides of the flag the coat of arms of the
     Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in proportionate size; the edges
     to be trimmed with knotted fringe of yellow silk, two and one-
     half inches wide; a cord, with tassels, to be attached to the
     staff at the spear-head, to be eight feet six inches long, and
     composed of white and blue silk strands.
        Section 2.  ((2) repealed Mar. 16, 1937, P.L.99, No.27)
        Section 3.  The Secretary of the Commonwealth is hereby
     directed to provide a flag, in accordance with the description
     given in the first section of this act, and keep the same
     deposited in the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, as
     a model; the cost of said flag to be paid by warrant of the
     Auditor General upon the State Treasurer; and for this purpose
     the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, or so much thereof as
     may be necessary, is hereby specifically appropriated, out of
     any moneys in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated.
        Section 4.  All acts or parts of acts inconsistent with the
     provisions of this act be and the same are hereby repealed.