Act of Nov. 22, 2000, P.L. 670, No. 90              Cl. 51
                             Session of 2000
                               No. 2000-90

     HB 2139

                                  AN ACT

     Amending Title 51 (Military Affairs) of the Pennsylvania
        Consolidated Statutes, further providing for the State
        Veterans' Commission and for military leaves of absence.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  Sections 1702(b) and 7302 of Title 51 of the
     Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes are amended to read:
      § 1702.  State Veterans' Commission.
        * * *
        (b)  Composition.--The commission shall be composed of:
            (1)  The Adjutant General, ex officio, or his designee.
            (2)  The State commander, commandant or head, or his
        designee, of each of the following named veterans'
                (i)  The American Legion.
                (ii)  AMVETS.
                (iii)  Blinded Veterans Association.
                (iv)  Catholic War Veterans of the United States of
                (v)  Disabled American Veterans.
                (vi)  Jewish War Veterans of the United States.
                (vii)  Marine Corps League.
                (viii)  Military Order of the Purple Heart.
                (ix)  State Association of County Directors of
            Veterans' Affairs.
                (x)  Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.
                (xi)  Veterans of World War I of the United States of
            America, Inc.
                (xii)  Italian-American War Veterans of the United
            States, Inc.
                (xiii)  The Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
                (xiv)  American Ex-Prisoners of War.
                (xv)  Keystone Paralyzed Veterans Association.
            (3)  Four members at large appointed by the Governor from
        a list provided by the Adjutant General, each of whom shall
        be a veteran and a member in good and regular standing of a
        Pennsylvania branch, post, lodge or club of a recognized
        national veterans' organization active in this Commonwealth.
        At least one member shall be a female veteran, and at least
        one member shall be a veteran of the Vietnam era. Members at
        large shall serve a term of four years and until a successor
        has been appointed.
            (4)  The State Adjutants of the American Legion, the
        Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and the Veterans of Foreign
        Wars (VFW) and the Executive Director of AMVETS as nonvoting
        * * *
      § 7302.  Granting military leaves of absence.
        (a)  Enlistment or draft.--Whenever any employee shall, in
     time of war or armed conflict, or emergency proclaimed by the
     Governor or by the President of the United States, enlist or
     shall, at any time, be drafted into the active military service
     of the United States, he shall be automatically granted a
     military leave of absence. So long as an employee is on military
     leave of absence, he shall not be removed from his employment
     and his duties shall either be performed by other employees or
     by a temporary substitute. During such time he [shall not] may
     receive [any] remuneration from his civilian employer.
        (b)  Reserve components.--Whenever any employee who is a
     member of a reserve component of the armed forces shall be
     called or ordered to active duty by the United States and
     whenever any employee who is a member of the Pennsylvania
     National Guard shall be ordered to active State duty or special
     State duty by the Governor or his designee, he shall
     automatically be granted a military leave of absence.
        Section 2.  This act shall take effect immediately.

     APPROVED--The 22nd day of November, A. D. 2000.