Act of Jun. 22, 2000, P.L. 475, No. 65              Cl. 03
                             Session of 2000
                               No. 2000-65

     SB 1417

                                  AN ACT

     Amending the act of December 13, 1999 (P.L.905, No.57), entitled
        "An act providing for emergency drought relief, for
        commercial orchard and fruit tree nursery indemnity, for
        grants for flood damage and for powers and duties of the
        Department of Agriculture; establishing the Supplemental
        Individual Assistance Program; providing for payment of the
        Commonwealth's share to secure individual assistance from the
        Federal Government; and making appropriations," further
        providing for drought relief and for appropriations.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  Sections 302(c) and 5102(b) of the act of
     December 13, 1999 (P.L.905, No.57), known as the Drought,
     Orchard and Nursery Indemnity and Flood Relief Act, are amended
     to read:
      Section 302.  Drought relief.
        * * *
        (c)  Grant criteria.--The department shall review
     applications and award grants using [an eligible producer's
     approved application for the Federal program or other
     documentation from which Federal payment for eligible producers
     will be calculated. Each eligible producer shall be eligible for
     a grant under this chapter in an amount not to exceed 75% of the
     grant received under the Federal program. If funds appropriated
     under section 5102(a) are not sufficient to provide grants
     prescribed under this chapter to all approved eligible
     producers, grants shall be made to eligible producers] eligible
     producers' approved applications for the Federal program from
     which Federal payment for eligible producers is calculated.
     Approved eligible producers shall qualify for grants under this
     chapter in amounts which shall be determined on a pro rata basis
     of the maximum sum appropriated under section 5102.
        * * *
      Section 5102.  Appropriations.
        * * *
        (b)  Crop insurance.--The sum of $5,600,000, or as much as
     may be necessary, is hereby appropriated to the Department of
     Agriculture to provide payment for crop insurance [under the
     USDA-FSA 1999 Crop Disaster Program] in an amount up to 10% of
     the cost of the insurance premiums and the total amount of all
     related fees for [eligible] producers[, as defined in Chapter
     3,] of agricultural commodities during calendar years 2000 and
     2001. If sufficient funds are not available to provide for up to
     10% of the cost of the insurance premiums and the total amount
     of all related fees, the Department of Agriculture shall prorate
     the available funds among all the [eligible] producers of
     agricultural commodities who applied. Any unused funds shall
     lapse into the General Fund on June 30, 2001.
        * * *
        Section 2.  This act shall take effect immediately.

     APPROVED--The 22nd day of June, A. D. 2000.