Act of Dec. 22, 1989, P.L. 702, No. 93              Cl. 24
                                  AN ACT

     Requiring school directors to prohibit the use of steroids by
        pupils involved in athletics; requiring education regarding
        the use of anabolic steroids; requiring penalties for
        unauthorized use of anabolic steroids; and providing for
        dispensing anabolic steroids and for prescriptions for
        anabolic steroids.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

     Section 1.  School directors to prohibit steroids.
        The board of school directors in every school district in
     this Commonwealth shall prescribe, adopt and enforce rules and
     regulations to prohibit the use of anabolic steroids, except for
     a valid medical purpose, by any pupil involved in school-related
     athletics. Body building, muscle enhancement, increasing muscle
     bulk or strength or the enhancement of athletic ability is not a
     valid medical purpose. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) shall not be
     included as an anabolic steroid under the provisions of this
     Section 2.  Education regarding steroid use.
        The board of school directors in every school district shall
     include education regarding the dangers of anabolic steroids
     with any other drug and alcohol program required by law.
     Section 3.  Penalties.
        (a)  Violations of rules and regulations.--The board of
     school directors shall prescribe the following minimum penalties
     for any pupil found in violation of the rules and regulations
     required under section 1:
            (1)  For a first violation, suspension from school
        athletics for the remainder of the season.
            (2)  For a second violation, suspension from school
        athletics for the remainder of the season and for the
        following season.
            (3)  For a third violation, permanent suspension from
        school athletics.
        (b)  Eligibility for participation in school athletics
     limited.--No student shall be eligible to resume participation
     in school athletics unless there has been a medical
     determination that no residual evidence of steroids exists. The
     board may require participation in any drug counseling,
     rehabilitation, testing or other program as a condition of
     reinstatement into a school athletic program.
     Section 4.  Violations.
        No physician, or other person regulated by the act of
     December 20, 1985 (P.L.457, No.112), known as the Medical
     Practice Act of 1985, shall dispense, inject or prescribe an
     anabolic steroid for the purpose of hormonal manipulation
     intended to increase muscle mass, strength, weight without a
     medical necessity to do so, or for the intended purpose of
     improving performance in any form of exercise, sport or game.
     The State Board of Medicine shall promulgate guidelines
     providing specific periods of license suspension or revocation
     for dispensing, injecting or prescribing anabolic steroids in
     violation of this section.
     Section 5.  Prescriptions.
        Any prescription for an anabolic steroid written in this
     Commonwealth shall state the purpose for which the drug is
     Section 6.  Effective date.
        This act shall take effect in 60 days.