Act of Oct. 11, 1972, P.L. 899, No. 213              Cl. 24
                                  AN ACT

     Providing scholarships for certain dependents of members of the
        armed services who while on active duty are taken as
        prisoners of war or are reported missing in action and making
        an appropriation.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  Definitions.--As used in this act:
        (1)  "Qualified dependent" means the child of a member of the
     armed services who served on active duty after January 31, 1955
     and who (i) has been or is a prisoner of war or is reported as
     missing in action and (ii) was a resident of Pennsylvania for at
     least twelve months preceding his service on active duty. The
     term does not include the child of any such member of the armed
     services who deserted, defected to the enemy, or has otherwise
     been discharged under other than honorable conditions.
        (2)  "Approved program of education" means any degree or non-
     degree curriculum or course of study to be pursued on at least
     one-half time basis for a duration of at least one academic year
     or its equivalent at an approved institution of higher learning.
        (3)  "Approved institution of higher learning" shall mean any
     institution of higher learning approved by the agency.
        Section 2.  Scholarships for Qualified Dependents.--From the
     funds appropriated under this act and by the General Assembly
     from time to time for the purposes of this act, the Pennsylvania
     Higher Education Assistance Agency is hereby authorized to
     provide scholarships to qualified dependents enrolled in
     approved programs of education whose eligibility under the
     provisions of the act of January 25, 1966 (P.L.1546), entitled
     "An act providing scholarships and providing funds to secure
     Federal funds for qualified students of the Commonwealth of
     Pennsylvania who need financial assistance to attend
     postsecondary institutions of higher learning, making an
     appropriation, and providing for the administration of this
     act," shall be determined without regard to the financial status
     of their parents or the scholastic achievement test score of the
     qualified dependent.
        Section 3.  Amount of Scholarship.--Scholarships awarded
     under this act to cover full-time study shall not exceed, per
     academic year, the tuition and fee charges at the institution of
     higher learning at which the applicant is enrolled or twelve
     hundred dollars ($1,200), whichever is the lesser. Scholarships
     covering less than full time and at least one-half time study
     shall be in a proportionate amount.
        Section 4.  Appropriation.--The sum of forty thousand dollars
     ($40,000) is hereby appropriated to the Pennsylvania Higher
     Education Assistance Agency to be transferred at the request of
     the agency and deposited in the Higher Education Assistance Fund
     for the purpose and administration of this act.
        Section 5.  Effective Date.--This act shall take effect