Act of Sep. 17, 1965, P.L. 531, No. 272              Cl. 11
                                  AN ACT

     Providing for the compiling, codifying, recodifying and
        reenacting of ordinances in cities of the second class A.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  (a) The city council of any city of the second
     class A may compile, codify, recodify and reenact any existing
     two or more ordinances with or without repeals, amendments and
     additions, and enact the same as one codified ordinance arranged
     in appropriate divisions with one title and one enacting clause.
        (b)  Any such codified ordinance shall be introduced,
     considered, enacted and approved in the manner now prescribed
     for general ordinances, except as otherwise herein provided.
     Such codified ordinance shall be introduced at least thirty days
     before its final enactment, and at least fifteen days before its
     final enactment, notice of its introduction shall be published
     in a newspaper of general circulation in the city. Such notice
     shall state the title of the proposed, codified ordinance, shall
     state its general nature and content, shall indicate a place
     within the city where copies of the same may be examined, and,
     if the same contains any amendments or additions other than
     minor nonsubstantive changes, such notice shall contain a
     general summary of such substantive amendments and additions.
     With respect to such substantive amendments and additions,
     public hearings pursuant to notice shall be held where
     prescribed by law.
        (c)  After the enactment of such codified ordinance,
     publication of the entire text thereof shall not be required,
     but its enactment shall be advertised at the times and in the
     places required for other general ordinances, by publication of
     its title, table of contents, a general summary of substantive
     amendments or additions, if any, a statement that it contains
     penalties, if any, and a reference to a place within the city
     where copies may be examined. Such codified ordinance shall not
     be required to be recorded as other ordinances if its entire
     text is published in book or pamphlet form and a signed and
     certified copy of the same is filed with the city clerk.
        Section 2.  This act shall take effect immediately.