Act of Apr. 2, 1963, P.L. 16, No. 14               Cl. 36
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing the Department of Highways, with the approval of the
        Governor, to construct a highway, and to erect and maintain a
        bridge over the Kiskiminetas River in Westmoreland and
        Armstrong Counties, and to provide the necessary approaches
        and connections with State highways; empowering counties to
        pay certain damages; and making an appropriation therefor.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  The Department of Highways, with the approval of
     the Governor, is hereby authorized to construct a highway and to
     erect and construct a bridge beginning in Westmoreland County at
     or near the Garvers Ferry approach to the proposed new Allegheny
     River Bridge near Freeport; thence proceeding northeasterly
     crossing the Kiskiminetas River to join Legislative Route No.
     03001, leading from Traffic Route No. 66 to Schenley in
     Armstrong County, a distance of approximately 10,000 feet in
     length, including the bridge.
        Section 2.  In the construction of said highway and bridge
     and the approaches thereto and connections with State highways,
     the Department of Highways shall have all of the powers and
     authority conferred with respect to the relocation, widening or
     construction of State highways, including the exercise of the
     power of eminent domain. Any damages sustained by reason of
     taking property in the location, widening or construction of any
     such highway, bridge, the approaches thereto, and connections
     with State highways, shall be ascertained in accordance with
     laws applicable to the ascertainment of damages in relocating,
     widening or constructing State highways, and such damages when
     ascertained shall be paid by the Commonwealth or county or
     counties as may be agreed upon in accordance with the laws
     relating to State highways.
        The Department of Highways shall have authority to make and
     carry out and to do every other act necessary to carry out the
     project herein authorized.
        Section 3.  After the completion of such highway, bridge and
     the approaches thereto, they shall be reconstructed and
     maintained by the Department of Highways in accordance with
     present or future laws governing the reconstruction and
     maintenance of State highways.
        Section 4.  So much of the money in the Motor License Fund
     from time to time as may be needed to carry out the provisions
     of this act, but not in excess of four million dollars
     ($4,000,000), is hereby specifically appropriated to the
     Department of Highways for such purposes.