Act of Oct. 21, 1959, P.L. 1334, No. 455             Cl. 71
                                  AN ACT

     Providing leaves of absence with pay for certain employes of the
        Commonwealth for the purpose of attending conventions.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  Any employe of the Commonwealth who is a duly
     elected representative of any National or State lodge or
     organization of policemen or firemen, or of any local lodge or
     group being a part of any National or State organization of
     policemen or firemen, shall be entitled to leave of absence,
     with pay, for the time necessary to attend for a period not to
     exceed four days any annual National or State convention, or
     conference of such organization, including necessary time for
     travel to and from the same.
        Section 2.  Any employe receiving time off with pay under the
     authority of this act shall, upon his return, submit to his
     immediate superior a certificate testifying to his attendance at
     the convention, signed by at least two responsible officers of
     the convention.
        Section 3.  No more than three elected representatives shall
     attend any such convention or conference on behalf of any such
     lodge, organization or group under the provisions of this act.
        Section 4.  This act shall take effect immediately.