NATIONAL DEFENSE NEEDS
                 Act of Sep. 29, 1959, P.L. 995, No. 409              Cl. 24
                                  AN ACT

     Providing for the acceptance by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
        of the provisions of the act of Congress, approved September
        2, 1958, concerning assistance to states and subdivisions
        thereof for the training of manpower of sufficient quality
        and quantity to meet our national defense needs; and
        conferring powers and imposing duties on the State Treasurer,
        the State Board of Education and the State Board for
        Vocational Education. (Title amended Aug. 13, 1963, P.L.694,

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania hereby accepts
     the provisions and the funds provided in an act of Congress,
     approved September second, one thousand nine hundred fifty-
     eight, which authorized Federal appropriations to provide
     assistance to states and their subdivisions in order to insure
     trained manpower of sufficient quality and quantity to meet the
     national defense needs of the United States.
        Section 2.  The provisions of said act of Congress and the
     funds provided therein are accepted for the following purposes:
        (1)  Strengthening of Instruction in Science, Mathematics and
     Modern Foreign Languages--Acquisition of laboratory and other
     special equipment, including audiovisual materials and equipment
     and printed materials other than textbooks suitable for use in
     providing education in science, mathematics or modern foreign
     language in public elementary or secondary schools, or both, and
     such minor remodeling of laboratory or other space used for such
     materials or equipment as is necessary; establishment and
     maintenance of in-service education programs and consultative
     services, both in the field and through office calls and
     correspondence for science, mathematics and modern foreign
     language teachers; provide leadership in the development,
     distribution and use of modern courses of study and other
     teaching materials required for improvement of instruction in
     science, mathematics and modern foreign languages. Federal funds
     shall be matched by State or local funds, or both, for the
     establishment and maintenance of programs of administration,
     consultative services, travel, salaries, personnel and office
        (2)  Guidance Counseling and Testing--To provide for the
     establishment, maintenance and improvement of programs of
     guidance counseling and testing in the public schools, Federal
     funds will be matched with State or local funds, or both, to
     identify the ability, aptitudes and skills of students, to
     advise students and parents of courses of study best suited to
     their ability, aptitudes and skills and to encourage students to
     make the best possible use of their ability, aptitudes and
     skills through the formation and achievement of realistic,
     educational and vocational goals.
        (3)  Research and Experimentation in Mass Media for
     Educational Purposes--Research and experimentation in the
     development and evaluation of projects involving television,
     radio, motion pictures and related media of communication,
     including (i) development of new and more effective techniques
     and methods for utilizing mass media, (ii) training teachers to
     utilize such media, and (iii) presenting academic subject matter
     through such media.
        (4)  Area Vocational Education Programs--Establishment,
     maintenance and improvement of area vocational education
     programs, approved by the State Board for Vocational Education,
     for the training of individuals to fit them for useful
     employment as highly skilled technicians in recognized
     occupations requiring scientific knowledge in fields necessary
     to the national defense. Federal funds shall be matched by State
     or local funds, or both, for the maintenance of adequate
     programs of administration, supervision and teacher-training,
     salaries and necessary travel expenses of State or local school
     personnel, including teachers, coordinators, supervisors,
     vocational guidance counselors, teacher-trainers, directors,
     administrators and others, travel expenses of members of
     advisory committees or State boards, purchase, rental or other
     acquisition and maintenance and repair of instructional
     equipment, purchase of instructional supplies and teaching aids,
     necessary costs of transportation of students, securing
     necessary educational information and data as a basis for the
     proper development of area vocational education programs and
     programs of vocational guidance, training and work-experience
     training programs for out-of-school youths, related instruction
     for apprentices, and determining the need for and planning and
     developing area vocational education programs.
        (5)  Improvement of Statistical Services of State Educational
     Agencies--The improvement and strengthening of (i) the adequacy
     and reliability of educational statistics provided by State and
     local reports and records, and (ii) the methods and techniques
     for collecting and processing educational data and disseminating
     information and statistics. Grants for this purpose shall be
     equal to one-half of the cost except that the Federal
     Government's portion may not exceed fifty thousand dollars
     ($50,000) for any fiscal year. The services to be carried out
     include (i) improving the collection, analysis and reporting of
     statistical data supplied by local educational units, (ii) the
     development of accounting and reporting manuals to serve as
     guides for local educational units, (iii) the conduct of
     conferences and training for personnel of local educational
     units and of periodic reviews and evaluation of the program for
     records and reports, (iv) improving methods for obtaining from
     other State agencies within the State educational data not
     collected by the State educational agency, or (v) expediting the
     processing and reporting of statistical data through
     installation and operation of mechanical equipment.
        The State Treasurer is hereby designated as custodian of the
     Federal appropriations and shall receive money paid to the State
     from the United States Treasury under the provisions of said act
     of Congress, and shall pay out the same upon the warrant of the
     Auditor General of the State when the same is certified by the
     State Board of Education or the State Board for Vocational
     Education or the designated official representatives. (Par.
     amended Aug. 13, 1963, P.L.694, No.369)
        Section 3.  This act shall take effect immediately.