Act of Jan. 14, (1952) 1951, P.L. 2078, No. 583          Cl. 35
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing, under certain conditions, the erection of a
        memorial chapel on the grounds of the State tuberculosis
        sanatorium at Hamburg, Pennsylvania, with private capital,
        the solicitation of such capital, and the acceptance of such
        chapel by the Commonwealth.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  Any persons having the desire to provide for the
     erection of a memorial chapel on the grounds of the State
     tuberculosis sanatorium at Hamburg, Pennsylvania, through the
     solicitation of private capital, may form an association for
     such purposes. Such association shall have as its officers a
     president, secretary and treasurer, and such others as may be
     desirable. It shall register with the Department of Public
     Instruction, and comply with the act, approved the thirteenth
     day of May, one thousand nine hundred twenty-five (Pamphlet Laws
     644), entitled "An act relating to and regulating the
     solicitation of moneys and property for charitable, religious,
     benevolent, humane, and patriotic purposes," and its amendments,
     notwithstanding any exceptions in such act.
        Section 2.  Such association may do all things necessary and
     relevant to soliciting donations of private capital, contracting
     for and erecting such memorial chapel. The plans for such chapel
     shall be first approved by the Department of Property and
     Supplies and the Secretary of Health, and the location of the
     building on the grounds of the institution shall be approved by
     the Secretary of Health.
        Section 3.  In such memorial chapel, as a permanent part
     thereof, there shall be a bronze plaque listing the names of the
     persons in whose memory the donations toward the erection of the
     chapel are made.
        Section 4.  Upon erection of such memorial chapel, the
     Secretary of Health, on behalf of the Commonwealth of
     Pennsylvania, is hereby authorized and empowered to accept the
        Section 5.  Such acceptance shall be made in such manner and
     in such form as is approved by the Department of Justice.
        Section 6.  Upon acceptance, the Department of Health shall
     have full control, supervision and management thereof, for use
     in connection with the State tuberculosis sanatorium at Hamburg,
        Section 7.  The provisions of this act shall become effective
     immediately upon final enactment.