Act of Apr. 1, 1949, P.L. 390, No. 36               Cl. 53
                                  AN ACT

     Validating certain sales of and deeds to real property made by
        county commissioners, in good faith, under a mistake of law.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  Whenever, heretofore, any real property in the
     possession of the county commissioners of any county, which
     should have been turned over to the Tax Claim Bureau for sale in
     accordance with the provisions of the act known as the "Real
     Estate Tax Sale Law," approved the seventh day of July, one
     thousand nine hundred forty-seven (Pamphlet Laws 1368), was
     instead sold at private or public sale by such county
     commissioners in accordance with what such county commissioners,
     in good faith, mistakenly believed the existing law of this
     Commonwealth to be, if the laws in effect as to such sales
     immediately prior to the effective date of the said "Real Estate
     Tax Sale Law" were fully complied with, all such commissioners'
     sales, public or private, and commissioners' deeds, are hereby
     ratified, confirmed, and validated, and the title to any such
     land purchased by any person at such commissioners' public or
     private sale, and the deed executed and acknowledged to such
     purchaser, are hereby declared to be as valid as if the entire
     transaction had been in full conformity with the said "Real
     Estate Tax Sale Law."
        Section 2.  The provisions of this act shall become effective
     immediately upon final enactment.