Act of Jul. 31, 1941, P.L. 604, No. 253              Cl. 36
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To the act, approved the twenty-second day of June, one thousand
        nine hundred and thirty-one (Pamphlet Laws, five hundred
        ninety-four), entitled, "An act establishing certain township
        roads as State highways; authorizing their construction,
        maintenance, and improvement under certain conditions and
        restrictions; limiting the obligation of the Commonwealth in
        the construction of certain structures located on such
        highways; conferring certain powers upon the Department of
        Highways and local authorities, persons, associations and
        corporations for sharing the cost of the maintenance and
        construction of such highways; and making an appropriation to
        carry out the provisions of said act", establishing an
        additional route in the County of Lebanon.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  In addition to the township roads adopted as
     State highways in the County of Lebanon by the act to which this
     is a supplement, the following section of township road in said
     county is hereby adopted to be taken over and to be maintained
     and constructed at the expense of the Commonwealth upon the
     terms and conditions, and subject to the limitations and
     conditions provided in the act to which this is a supplement:
        Beginning at a point on Route 38048, about 0.5 of a mile west
     of its intersection with Route 38062, thence in a general
     northerly direction through Union Township to a point on Route
     38003 in Lebanon County, a distance of about 1.1 miles.