Act of Jul. 2, 1941, P.L. 223, No. 102              Cl. 36
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To the act, approved the twenty-second day of June, one thousand
        nine hundred and thirty-one (Pamphlet Laws, seven hundred
        twenty), entitled, "An act providing for the taking over by
        the Commonwealth, under certain terms, conditions and
        limitations, of certain streets in cities of the second
        class, second class A, and third class as state highways, and
        for the improvement, construction, reconstruction,
        resurfacing and maintenance by the Commonwealth of certain
        defined widths of said streets; imposing duties on such
        cities and on public utility companies using such streets;
        providing that no assessment shall be made upon the
        Commonwealth in the elimination of any grade crossing
        thereon; authorizing cities, persons, associations, or
        corporations to enter into agreements with the Commonwealth
        to bear a portion of the cost of construction or maintenance;
        providing for the assessment of certain portions of the cost
        of street improvements on abutting property owners;
        regulating the replacement of certain facilities of public
        utility companies; prohibiting the opening of said streets
        after improvement without a permit, and providing penalty
        therefor; regulating the maintenance of detours; authorizing
        the increase of city indebtedness in certain cases; and
        appropriating money in the Motor License Fund for the purpose
        of this act", by establishing additional routes in the City
        of Erie.

        The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
     hereby enacts as follows:

        Section 1.  In addition to the city streets adopted as state
     highways in the City of Erie by the act to which this is a
     supplement, the following section of city streets in said city
     are hereby adopted to be taken over and to be maintained and
     constructed at the expense of the Commonwealth upon the terms
     and conditions and subject to the limitations and conditions
     provided in the act to which this is a supplement:
        Commencing at the intersection of East Twelfth Street with
     Parade Street, thence over East Twelfth Street in an easterly
     direction to the intersection of East Twelfth Street with
     Franklin Avenue; thence over Franklin Avenue in a northerly
     direction to East Lake Road, otherwise known as Route number
     five, a distance of about 2.8 miles.