Act of Jun. 1, 1933, P.L. 1406, No. 294              Cl. 36
                                  AN ACT

     Authorizing the Attorney General, under certain conditions, to
        enter into agreements to collect certain claims from boroughs
        for the maintenance of State highways in installments after
        such claims have been reduced to judgment, and to compound
        certain judgments.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That where the Commonwealth,
     through the Department of Highways, shall have heretofore, in
     accordance with law, expended moneys for the construction,
     reconstruction or maintenance of any State highway located in
     any borough and, in accordance with the provisions of an act of
     Assembly or an agreement between the Commonwealth and the
     borough, shall have charged a portion of the cost of such
     construction, reconstruction or maintenance to the borough, and
     such claim remains unpaid and has been referred by the
     Department of Highways to the Department of Justice for
     collection, the Attorney General, on behalf of the Commonwealth,
     and with the approval of the Auditor General and State
     Treasurer, may enter into an agreement with the borough against
     which such claim is outstanding for the payment of such claim in
     installments. Such agreement may be made whenever it appears
     that the borough is unable to pay the claim at once by reason of
     its financial condition, and shall provide for the liquidation
     of such claim before or after being reduced to judgment in
     definite payments over a period not exceeding five years. If it
     shall appear that the borough by reason of its financial
     condition would be unable to pay the full amount of such claim
     in installments over a period of five years, the Attorney
     General, with the approval of the Auditor General and State
     Treasurer, may compound or settle such outstanding claim for
     such portion thereof as such officers may find the borough to be
     able to pay over a period of five years, and the agreement
     hereinbefore provided for shall be entered into on the basis of
     such settlement.
        (1 amended May 20, 1937, P.L.733, No.195)