Act of Mar. 21, 1929, P.L. 41, No. 38               Cl. 36
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To the act, approved the eighth day of May, one thousand nine
        hundred and nineteen (Pamphlet Laws, one hundred forty-
        eight), entitled "An act providing for the joint acquisition
        and maintenance by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the
        State of New Jersey of certain toll bridges over the Delaware
        River;" authorizing the appointment of policemen and defining
        their powers and duties; and authorizing the adoption of
        rules and regulations for the prevention of disorder, the
        preservation of the public safety, and the regulation of
        traffic; and providing penalties.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the commission appointed
     pursuant to the provisions of the act to which this is a
     supplement, in addition to the powers now conferred by law,
     shall have power to appoint such number of policemen as may be
     found necessary to protect the public safety and preserve order
     upon any such bridge so acquired or constructed. Every such
     policeman shall take an oath or affirmation faithfully to
     perform the duties of his office, which shall be administered by
     an officer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania having power to
     administer oaths. The policemen so appointed shall have power to
     make arrests for crimes, misdemeanors, and offenses of any
     character, or for disorder, breach of the peace, or for
     violations of any rules and regulations, heretofore or hereafter
     adopted by the joint commission, committed on any bridge so
     acquired or constructed, or on the approaches thereto, or other
     property under the control of the said commission.
        Section 2.  Upon the apprehension or arrest of any person by
     any such policemen the offender may be taken before the proper
     officer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and thereupon the
     officer before whom the offender is brought shall have power to
     hold such offender for appearance in court in accordance with
     the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; or, in the cases
     of disorder, breach of the peace, or violations of the rules and
     regulations of the joint commission, to punish such offender in
     the manner hereinafter provided.
        Section 3.  The joint commission shall have power to adopt
     such rules and regulations as it may deem expedient for the
     proper government of any such bridge, and for the preservation
     of good order, safe traffic, and proper conduct thereon. Copies
     of such rules and regulations shall be posted conspicuously on
     each bridge under the jurisdiction of said commission.
        Section 4.  Any person guilty of disorderly conduct or breach
     of the peace on said bridge, its approaches or the property
     under control of said joint commission, or violating any of the
     rules and regulations adopted by the joint commission, shall,
     upon conviction thereof for a first offense, be sentenced to pay
     a fine of not less than ten dollars or more than twenty-five
     dollars, together with costs of prosecution, and in default of
     the payment of such fine and costs, then to imprisonment in the
     county jail of the county in Pennsylvania where the bridge
     approach is located; and upon conviction of any second and
     subsequent offense shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not less
     than twenty-five dollars or more than fifty dollars, together
     with costs, and in default of the payment of said fine and
     costs, then to imprisonment as above provided for not less than
     thirty or more than sixty days. The fines when recovered shall
     be paid into the State Treasury of the Commonwealth of
     Pennsylvania through the Department of Revenue.