Act of Apr. 22, 1927, P.L. 352, No. 217              Cl. 36
                                  AN ACT

     Providing for the appointment of a commission to act as a joint
        commission with a similar commission appointed, or to be
        appointed, by the proper authorities of the Federal
        Government, or as an independent commission, for the purpose
        of investigating the necessity of a bridge across the
        Susquehanna River at Bainbridge, Lancaster County, to a point
        in York County; and making an appropriation.
        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the Governor of the
     Commonwealth is hereby authorized to appoint a commission to
     consist of three reputable citizens of the Commonwealth who
     shall serve without compensation other than for their necessary
     traveling and hotel expenses, to act, in conjunction with a
     similar commission appointed or to be appointed by the Federal
     Government, or as an independent commission, if no Federal
     commission is appointed, to investigate the advantages,
     desirability, and necessity of erecting a bridge across the
     Susquehanna River between the counties of Lancaster and York at
     a point from Bainbridge, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and, if
     such bridge is found to be desirable and necessary, to determine
     and recommend the location thereof, and to report the same to
     the Legislature not later than February fifteenth, one thousand
     nine hundred twenty-nine.
        Said commission shall organize by selecting a chairman and
     secretary; may hold such meetings separately or jointly with any
     Federal commission and call and examine such witnesses as may be
     deemed necessary. It shall have power to employ such clerks and
     stenographers as may be deemed necessary, and fix their