Act of Apr. 11, 1927, P.L. 181, No. 152              Cl. 36
                                  AN ACT

     Creating a commission to provide for the erection of an
        additional interstate bridge over the Delaware River between
        Philadelphia and a point in the State of New Jersey, and
        making an appropriation therefor.
        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That there is hereby created
     a Delaware River Bridge Commission, to be known as the
     Pennsylvania Commission Number Two, which shall be composed of
     the Governor, the Auditor General, the State Treasurer, the
     mayor of the city of Philadelphia, and four other citizens of
     the Commonwealth, two of whom shall be appointed by the Governor
     and two by the mayor of the city of Philadelphia.
        The Pennsylvania Commission Number Two is hereby authorized
     to act, jointly and in agreement with the New Jersey Interstate
     Bridge and Tunnel Commission, or with such other board,
     commission or body as may be duly constituted by the State of
     New Jersey, as a joint commission, and to proceed by full and
     complete borings, surveys, engineering studies, investigations,
     bearings, and all other matters incidental and pertaining
     thereto, to determine the proper location, type of construction,
     and cost of construction, operation, and maintenance of an
     additional bridge, with the necessary approaches thereto, across
     the Delaware River connecting the city of Philadelphia,
     Pennsylvania, at a point between Snyder Avenue and the mouth of
     the Schuylkill River, with a corresponding point in the State of
     New Jersey. The exact location of said proposed bridge shall be
     fixed by joint commission.
        Section 2.  The Pennsylvania Commission Number Two shall
     fully report its findings, pursuant to section one of this act,
     at the first legislative session after the completion thereof.