Act of Jun. 13, 1923, P.L. 698, No. 291              Cl. 77
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To the act, approved the second day of June, one thousand nine
        hundred and fifteen (Pamphlet Laws, seven hundred and sixty-
        two), entitled "An act providing for the creation and
        administration of a State fund for the insurance of
        compensation for injuries to employes of subscribers thereto;
        declaring false oaths by subscribers to be misdemeanors; and
        providing penalties for the violation thereof"; providing for
        the auditing of the State Workmen's Insurance Fund, and the
        payment of the costs thereof.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the Auditor General
     through such agents as he may select shall, during each calendar
     year, make a complete examination and audit of the State
     Workmen's Insurance Fund, including all receipts and
     expenditures, cash on hand, and securities, investments, or
     property held representing cash or cash disbursement; and, for
     these purposes, the Auditor General is hereby authorized to
     employ such consultants, experts, accountants, or investigators
     as he may deem advisable.
        The expense incurred in making said examination and audit
     shall be certified to the State Workmen's Insurance Board by the
     Auditor General, which board shall then draw its warrant for the
     amount thereof payable out of the State Workmen's Insurance Fund
     in the manner provided for payment of other expenses of
     administering said fund.
        The first audit of such fund may, in the discretion of the
     Auditor General, extend back to the creation of such fund or to
     any other period in its life.
        Section 2.  That hereafter disbursements for salaries and
     expenses incurred in the administration of the State Workmen's
     Insurance Fund shall only be made after they shall first be
     submitted to the Auditor General for approval and audit in the
     manner provided by law for the examination, audit, and approval
     of public accounts originating in or through any department,
     bureau, board, or commission of the State Government.
        Section 3.  The State Workmen's Insurance Board, its officers
     and employes, shall, whenever a demand is made upon them by the
     Auditor General or his agents, submit for the inspection and
     examination of the Auditor General or his agent all reports,
     vouchers, checks, receipts, books, and records, as well as any
     cash or securities or property, representing cash or cash
     disbursements, in their possession, and the failure of the
     members of such State Workmen's Insurance Board so to do shall
     make each member that so refuses liable to a penalty of five
     thousand dollars ($5,000), and the failure of the officers and
     employes of such board so to do shall disqualify them from
     holding their respective offices or employment.
        Section 4.  All acts or parts of acts inconsistent herewith
     are hereby repealed.