Act of May 11, 1923, P.L. 199, No. 145              Cl. 35
                                  AN ACT

     Providing for the examination of the Locust Mountain Memorial
        Hospital of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania; providing for the
        transfer thereof to the Commonwealth, and for its management
        thereafter; and making an appropriation.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the Governor is hereby
     authorized and directed to appoint five citizens, to serve
     without compensation, who shall investigate and examine the
     Locust Mountain Memorial Hospital of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania,
     and the grounds and equipment, and the affairs and accounts
     thereof. If the said persons shall ascertain that said hospital
     has no outstanding indebtedness, and that there are no liens of
     record against said hospital, and that there are no persons,
     firms, or corporations which have any claims against said
     hospital, and that said hospital is in good repair, then such
     citizens are hereby authorized to accept said hospital,
     including all buildings, equipment, and grounds, in the name of
     the Commonwealth.
        Section 2.  After any such acceptance, the trustees of said
     hospital are authorized to make a deed for said hospital to the
     Commonwealth, which shall be deposited with the Secretary of
     Internal Affairs. Thenceforth said hospital shall be known as
     the Locust Mountain State Hospital, at Shenandoah.
        Section 3.  The Governor shall immediately appoint a Board of
     Trustees of nine members to manage the affairs of said hospital.
     Said Trustees shall be appointed for the following terms: three,
     for two years, three for four years, and three for six years.
     Thereafter, as the respective terms expire, trustees shall be
     appointed for six-year terms. Vacancies shall be filled by the
     Governor for unexpired terms. Said board of trustees shall be
     known as Board of Trustees of Locust Mountain State Hospital,
     and shall be a departmental administrative board within the
     Department of Welfare. The Secretary of Welfare shall be ex
     officio a member of the board.
        (3 amended Apr. 4, 1925, P.L.145, No.104)
        Section 4.  Said board of trustees shall have full charge and
     supervision of the said hospital and its affairs, and shall
     appoint a superintendent and such physicians, nurses, clerks,
     and employes as may be necessary, and fix their compensation in
     conformity with the standards established by the Executive Board
     of this Commonwealth. The board, subject to the approval of the
     Secretary of Welfare, shall adopt and amend such rules and
     regulations for the government of the hospital and the admission
     of patients as it may deem necessary. The board shall be subject
     in all respects to the laws of this Commonwealth limiting the
     powers of departmental administrative boards with regard to the
     expenditure of money and prescribing the duties of departmental
     administrative boards with reference to the making of financial
     reports, the furnishing of financial and budgetary information
     to the department with which it is connected, and the making of
     biennial reports.
        (4 amended Apr. 4, 1925, P.L.145, No.104)