Act of Apr. 4, 1919, P.L. 45, No. 34               Cl. 14
                                  AN ACT

     Establishing a Bureau of Municipalities in the Department of
        Internal Affairs; and repealing the act, approved June first,
        one thousand nine hundred and fifteen, entitled "An act
        creating a Division of Municipal Statistics and Information
        of the Department of Labor and Industry, and fixing the
        compensation of officers and employes therein," as amended.
        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the Secretary of
     Internal Affairs shall establish in the said Department of
     Internal Affairs a Bureau of Municipalities. The said Bureau
     shall gather, classify, index, make available, and disseminate
     data, statistical information, and advice that may be helpful in
     improving the methods of administration and municipal
     development in the several municipalities of the Commonwealth;
     and shall maintain, for the benefit of the municipalities, a
     publicity service to install or assist in the installation and
     establishment of modern systems of accounting in the various
     municipalities of the State, and in order to promote a
     comprehensive plan or series of plans for the probable future
     requirements of cities, boroughs, or townships of the
     Commonwealth, either separately or jointly, in respect to a
     system of traffic thoroughfares and other highways or main
     highways, transportation of every sort, suitably co-ordinated
     sites for public buildings, parks, parkways, playgrounds, and
     other public uses, the preservation of natural and historic
     features, and any and all public improvements tending to the
     advantage of municipalities or townships affected, tending to
     their advantage as a place of business and residence, and to
     either make or secure or assist in making or securing the
     necessary surveys, plans, and information.
        Section 2.  The Secretary of Internal Affairs is hereby
     authorized to employ a Chief of Bureau of Municipalities, who in
     his judgment shall be qualified to perform the duties herein
     described. He is also authorized to employ such engineering,
     accounting, clerical, stenographic, and other expert service,
     relating to the gathering of information, its distribution and
     publication and other duties incident to the purpose of the
     bureau or transfer to such duties in this bureau as he may find
     advisable the work and services of other bureaus or of others
     employed in the department. The salaries of the employes
     appointed under the provisions of this act shall be fixed by the
     Secretary of Internal Affairs, and shall be paid from the funds
     appropriated to the said Department of Internal Affairs.
        Section 3.  It is hereby made the duty of every city,
     borough, township, or county official, to furnish such
     information as may be requested by the Chief of the Bureau of
     Municipalities or his duly authorized deputy.