Act of Jul. 22, 1913, P.L. 911, No. 436              Cl. 11
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act, entitled "A supplement to an act, entitled 'An act to
        provide for the better government of cities of the first
        class in this Commonwealth,' approved the first day of June,
        one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five; creating a
        Department of Wharves, Docks and Ferries, for the
        improvement, regulation and supervision of the construction,
        extension, alteration, maintenance, and use of wharves,
        piers, bulkheads, docks, slips, basins, ferries, harbors, and
        harbor structures, in cities of the first class; and
        providing for the making and enforcement of rules and
        regulations, and fixing certain penalties for violation
        thereof; and providing for the acquisition of property by
        said cities, by purchase and by condemnation, for certain
        purposes" approved the eighth day of June, Anno Domini one
        thousand nine hundred and seven.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That the directors of the
     Department of Wharves, Docks and Ferries, in any city of the
     first class, shall have authority, after the appropriation by
     councils, of said city, or by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
     of the money required therefor, to erect and construct retaining
     structures adjoining the banks of navigable streams located
     within its corporate limits, for the purpose of protecting the
     channel of such streams; and when any such retaining structure
     shall have been erected or constructed the cost thereof per foot
     shall be filed in the office of said director, and no riparian
     owner, lessee or licensee, shall use any such retaining
     structure for the purpose of constructing, extending, altering,
     improving or repairing, any wharf, or other building in the
     nature of a wharf, or other harbor structure, or for other wharf
     purposes, without having previously paid to the said director of
     the city in which such retaining structure is erected or
     constructed the cost of erecting so much of said retaining
     structure as is so used; and any such person who shall use any
     such retaining structure as aforesaid, before the cost thereof
     has been paid to the said director as aforesaid, shall pay to
     the said city a penalty of twenty-five dollars per day for every
     day on which such retaining structure shall be so used, to be
     collected as debts of a similar nature are now collected. All
     money paid to the director under the provisions of this act
     shall be paid by him into the city treasury, to be used by the
     said city, only for the purpose of developing, extending, and
     improving the wharves owned by the said city.