Act of Apr. 15, 1913, P.L. 75, No. 53               Cl. 53
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act approved the twenty-fourth day of March, one thousand
        nine hundred five, entitled "An act establishing, in counties
        containing a population of from three hundred thousand to one
        million, a board for the Assessment and Revision of Taxes for
        State and county purposes, prescribing their powers and
        duties, and abolishing the office of ward, borough, and
        township assessors, in so far as respects the assessment of
        State and county taxes," providing for the appointment by
        said board of collectors of county taxes in cities of such
        counties, and defining the powers and duties of such

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That in counties governed by
     the provisions of an act to which this act is a supplement, the
     county taxes shall be collected in each city of such counties by
     a tax collector who shall be appointed by the Board for the
     Assessment and Revision of Taxes annually, on or before the
     fifteenth day of April, or as soon thereafter as possible, and
     who shall serve until his successor is appointed and has
     qualified. He shall furnish such bond as may be fixed and
     approved by the board. He shall be the collector of all county
     taxes assessed and levied in the respective city, and shall
     perform the duties and be subject to the existing laws, now in
     force or hereafter enacted, for the collection of county taxes
     in this Commonwealth.