Act of Jun. 7, 1911, P.L. 667, No. 258              Cl. 11
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act, entitled "An act for the government of cities of the
        second class," approved the seventh day of March, one
        thousand nine hundred and one; regulating the certification,
        recording, advertising, and proof of passage of legislative
        acts of councils; and prescribing the effect of the
        production thereof when required as evidence.

        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That hereafter in cities of
     the second class, when an ordinance or resolution shall have
     been duly enacted under the provisions of the act to which this
     is a supplement, said ordinance or resolution shall be certified
     by the clerk of council, and shall be recorded in a book
     provided by the city for that purpose, which book shall be at
     all times open to public inspection. Within ten days after any
     ordinance or resolution becomes a law, the same shall be
     published twice in each of the official newspapers of such city,
     together with the volume and page of the book in which the same
     is recorded, and the date of its becoming a law: Provided, Said
     publication shall not include any of the attesting signatures,
     except that of the mayor: And further provided, That instead of
     publishing an ordinance or resolution in full, an abstract
     thereof or the title thereof, as council may determine with
     reference, in any case, to its place of record, shall be a
     sufficient publication thereof.
        (1 amended Apr. 29, 1937, P.L.538, No.125)
        Section 2.  The record of all ordinances and resolutions,
     made and kept in accordance with this act, as well as all
     printed copies of ordinances and resolutions of council,
     published under the authority of council, or of this act, and
     transcripts of the record kept in pursuance hereof, certified by
     the clerk of council, shall be received in evidence for any
     purpose for which the original ordinance might be received, and
     shall be prima facie evidence that the same has been duly
     passed, recorded and published.
        (2 amended Apr. 29, 1937, P.L.538, No.125)
        Section 3.  All acts of Assembly, general, special or local,
     inconsistent with this act, be and the same are hereby repealed.