Act of May 5, 1911, P.L. 123, No. 109               Cl. 16
                               A SUPPLEMENT

     To an act, entitled "An act relating to roads, highways and
        bridges", approved the thirteenth day of June, Anno Domini
        eighteen hundred and thirty-six.

        Compiler's Note:  Section 1500 of Act 319 of 1917 provided
            that Act 109 is repealed insofar as it relates to
        Compiler's Note:  Section 1301(c) of Act 192 of 1915 provided
            that Act 109 is repealed insofar as it relates to
        Section 1.  Be it enacted, &c., That whenever the proper
     authorities of any county or borough, or the supervisors or
     commissioners or other legally constituted road authorities of
     any township or townships, deem it advisable to construct,
     change or alter any part of any public road under their
     supervision, within this Commonwealth, and can agree with the
     property owners affected by such change as to damages, they --
     the said county or borough authorities, or township supervisors
     or commissioners, or other legally constituted road
     authorities--are hereby authorized, upon payment of damages
     agreed upon, to change or alter such part of such public road as
     contemplated in such agreement, without the formality of a view
     as heretofore provided by law: Provided, That this authority
     shall not extend to any change or alteration of any part of any
     public road, in this Commonwealth, the costs and expenses of
     which, to such county, borough, or township, including damages,
     shall exceed three hundred dollars: And provided further, That a
     petition setting forth the facts, accompanied by a map or draft
     of such proposed change, shall be presented to the court of
     quarter sessions for approval before such actual change is made;
     whereupon the new location, thus approved by the court, shall be
     taken and deemed to be the public road to all intents and
     purposes, and the old location shall be taken and deemed to be
        (1 amended July 11, 1917, P.L.777, No.293)